About us

About us:

“Vista” Customs Agency was established in 2008, but the Agency’s employees have been familiarizing themselves with customs formalities since 1992. They gained their experience in one of the biggest customs agencies in Poland and they are fully prepared to solve your problems.

In former years we took part in many training and the Agency’s present strategy is to put the progress and development of their employees to the very first place. Custom House in Bialystok is a friendly place for entrepreneurs. Because there is no regional assignment of services, we can cooperate with any company from Poland and the European Union. 


“Vista” Customs Agency can help you in proceedings before the Customs Authorities in Bialystok.We have many years of experience, which is a guaranty of an efficient and effective service.

We have had to deal with many difficult cases and we were always successful in coping with demands of our customers.The quality of our services can be confirm by many companies cooperating with us.

We hope that you will join such a great company.Please look through our offer and the range of our services.


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